Best Way to Inhale Steam


Best Way to Inhale Steam
In this post is going to discuss the best way to inhale steam at the time of cold. This post will tell you how to inhale steam in a proper way. In winter seasons there are so many people around the world who suffer from cold and nasal congestion. Steam Inhalation is way to provide fresh, moist, hot air to lungs and the nasal cavity. 
These types of problems can be reduced by inhaling the steam. By doing this ,it opens the nasal pathways. It also improves your comfort level and provides you relief from nasal congestion and cold.


1.) Water
2.) A Plastic Bowl
3.) Towel
4.) A kettle


  • First boil 2 litres of water in a steal kettle.

  • Now pour the boiled water into a plastic bowl. Now wait for the water to stop boil.
  • Now cover you head with towel as shown in the picture below. 
Best Way to Inhale Steam

  • Now lean  over the plastic bowl and keep your face 6 inches away from the hot  water. Do not Burn your skin.
  • Covering your head with towel helps the water to prevent from quick cooling.
  • Now open your mouth and inhale the steam. Do this process for at least 10 minutes and four times a day.

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