Appy Weather Brings Red Non-Opaque Live Tile for Windows Phone [Update 1.3.2]

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Today Appy Weather the most popular windows phone weather app was updated to new version 1.3.2. This version brings many new features with bug fixes. Appy Weather is updated to provide a live tile with red non-opaque color. Appy Weather boasts a unique and intuitive card interface that describes the weather for the next seven days in simple, familiar language. But if you prefer numbers and charts, it's there too in abundance. There are also numerous live tile and lock screen options available, rain, snow and severe weather alert toast notifications, dark and light themes, and you can add as many locations as you want. 

UPDATE LOG : v 1.3.2

  • Changed live tile to use a red non-opaque overlay (and not a red opaque background) when there's an active severe weather alert + live tile background is set to transparent; on the other hand, if the live tile background is set to opaque, the background in this context will remain an opaque red. Please note once the severe weather alert has finished, the live tile will automatically reset in the background to either fully transparent or your phone's accent color.
  • Fixed another (hopefully last) instance of the issue stopping you from accessing the weather even though it can be viewed from behind the error prompt.
  • Re-organised the Settings screen into logical groupings for faster and more fluid access of the options available.
  • Added granular toast notification settings controls: 1) can now choose the frequency of notifications, either once before precipitation starts or every hour before and during precipitation and 2) can also now determine what the minimum probability of precipitation must be in order for you to be notified.
  • Added quiet hours toast notification setting which allow you to mute notifications during specific hours.
  • Now receive toast notifications for severe weather alerts.
  • Can now set the live tile background to your phone's opaque accent color; however, by default, the live tile will continue to use a transparent background.
  • While a severe weather alert is active, the live tile's background color will change to an opaque red; as soon as the weather alert is over, the background color will reset to your preferred option (transparent or phone accent).
  • Fixed bug where the amount of snow expected in a day was showing as an incorrectly high number when you'd expand a day's weather summary.

Download Appy Weather from Windows Phone Store:
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