Metrotube and Clock O' Matic updated in Windows Phone

Metrotube and Clock O' Matic
Metrotube and Clock O' Matic both app updated in windows phone store. Metrotube bumped to version 4.5 . This update brings new feature and bug fixes. Now you can see subscriptions contents when you logged in the app on Live Tile. Metrotube added new design for channel images .

Update log (4.5)

  1. Fixed video playback problem
  2. Added ability to change app theme manually from the settings
  3. Improved design for channel images
  4. Improved river page design for displaying video thumbnails
  5. Added “delete all” button in search box
  6. Updated region list
  7. Main tile shows subscriptions when logged in
  8. Added ability to logout from within the river
  9. Fixed issue where subscribing to some channels produced an error
  10. Many more small bug fixes and enhancements

Download from the Store: Install link

Clock O’ Matic app nor jumped to version This new update new translucent live tile for Windows 10.

Update Log (
1. VOICE CLOCK ( New Feature )
Now with Voice Clock an Exclusive Feature for Glance Screen ( Night Shade Clock ) your phone will tell you the Time at Regular Customized Intervals
– Useful when phone in CHARGING, DRIVING , DINING and when out of sight

2. Code Optimization for Live Tiles using High Compression Technique for better Efficiency. ( Credit Pedro Lamas )
– Now Live Tiles are Faster and Smoother To Generate
– Fixed 12Hr Delay Bug in Live Tile
– Now ALL Live Tiles Show Date and Day using Flip Animation

– Waiting to get a Hands ON Experience of Windows 10 we have included a special Translucent Tiles Options just for our USERS.
– Now get Live Tile in Windows 10 Format

4. Added Run Under Lockscreen Option

Download From Windows Phone Store: Protection Status

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