Spartan - The Windows's 10 Web Browser with Cortana

Spartan - The Windows's 10 Web Browser with Cortana
Microsoft is planning to introduce its code named web browser Spartan. This browser will comes with all new browser that the present browser don't have. This browser will come into the Windows 10. This browser will comes with feature like annotate web page with stylus , sharing with friends and also integrated with OneDrive.
cortana spartan

The seconds main feature will include cortana inside it. We can operate the web browser with your Assistant Cortana.  Cortana will provide you status of flights , hotel bookings, tracking. It will directly shows the tracked status of flight.The other feature of this browser is a group tab.Spartan will allow users to group tabs however they want, making it easier, for example, to split up personal tabs from work ones.

It is designed for PCs, Tablets and Phones. According to Rumors , Microsoft will enable it as a Windows Store App. Spartan is the main browser in Windows 10, and most users will be accessing the web using it. While Spartan will be a Windows Store app, we understand Microsoft isn't planning to make it a universal app initially. One version of Spartan will be available in the Store as a desktop app, and another as a modern app for tablets and phones. .

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