Best Android Tablet-Nokia N1 at top of Sina Technology 2014 Annual Billboard Event

Nokia N1 Wallpaper
Nokia N1 gets the "Best Android Tablet" at Sina Technology 2014 Annual Event. The event held in China on 8th February. Total Nine Tablets were nominated for this award and Nokia N1 rises as the winner.
Nokia N1 in nine finalists Android tablet out off the lead, won the 2014 Best Android Tablet PC honors. The annual contest since December 29, 2014 was officially launched, the selection will use online voting and expert assessment approach 50-50, selected in 2014 most users respected man of science and technology, the most talked about business and outstanding high-quality end products.

Nokia N1 is a 8-inch tablet in just $257. Nokia N1 has made a smart start. When it was out for sale in China, all the four batches were sold out in just a few minutes. Protection Status

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