Realarm Updated to 1.0 on Windows Phone gets New Features

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Realarm, an alarm clock for Windows Phone get updated to v1.0 with all new features. Realarm get new interface with cool design and it is one of the best clock on Windows Phone. If you got bored from same ringtone on Alarm all day then you must Try this app.

  • Powerful recurrence options
  • Voice commands
  • Alternating sounds (Random sounds)
  • Custom repeat period
  • Hourly/Minutely recurrence
  • Custom recurrence
  • Backup & Restore
  • Calendar preview of all (single) alarm occurrences
  • Quick alarm
  • Agenda
  • Beautiful live tile

Update Log (Whats New):
 • [NEW] Completely new design
   • [NEW] Created top bar to indicate next alarm or application state
   • [NEW] Ability to skip alarm via button in top bar
   • [NEW] Alarms in main page now shows its state: remaining/expired/disabled/skipped
   • [NEW] Backup & Restore (OneDrive support)
   • [NEW] "Once" recurrence renamed to "Once on date"
   • [NEW] Created new recurrence "Once" which behaves exactly like build-in alarms
   • [NEW] Created Mute All page + "muted" state reflected in top bar
   • [NEW] Calendar rebuild from scratch
   • [NEW] Added "Skip next" voice command
   • [NEW] Added "Cancel skip" voice command
   • [NEW] Live tile custom color opacity
   • [NEW] Added alarms sorting methods (see Settings)
   • [NEW] Alarm Default time (see Settings)
   • [NEW] Created Welcome page
   • [FEATURE] "Round minutes to 5" moved to radial time picker
   • [FEATURE] Settings are being stored also when returning to Start from Settings page
   • [FEATURE] Live tile is being refreshed also when leaving app from Live tile settings page
   • [FEATURE] Improved About page
   • [FIX] Already passed today alarms in Agenda are now hidden
   • [FIX] All application bar icons are now 76x76px large

Download Realarm from Windows Phone Store:

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