Telegram Messenger and 1Shot Camera updated on Windows Phone

Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger and 1Shot camera on Windows Phone gets major updates. 1Shot Camera now bumped to with the new features . The update brings Enable pause on Back Button , Directional Indicators when Horizontal Level is visible .

Update Log ( What's New in 1Shot Camera):

  • Directional indicators when horizontal level is visible.
  • Hide directional indicators when device is horizontal
  • Enable Pause on back button
  • Enlarge language entries when language list is expanded

Download from Windows Phone Store: Install Link

On the other side Telegram updated to . This version brings updated to manage the Shared Media and files by date and some bug fixed.

Update Log ( What's New in Telegram Messenger):

  • Shared media and files now separated by date
  • Fixed bug when app became unresponsive on registration/login  

Download Telegram from Windows Phone Store: Protection Status

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