How to Disable Autorun on Windows 10 [With Pictures]

How to Disable Autorun on Windows 10
Today I'm going to discuss how to disable the autorun feature in Windows 10 Devices. The autorun is generally used to run the programs or media automatically when you insert CD/DVD or USB Pendrives in your Windows 10 PC/Laptop. Sometimes these may cause in running the virus and Trojans save in your external devices which may decrease your computer performance. All this happens due to a file named Autorun.inf saved in your external device. So let's move to the various steps for the tutorial.


  • Open Windows Registry Editor by pressing Windows+R or type regedit in run dialogue box and press Enter.
  • Now go to following path 


  • If the above key doesn’t exist, create it.
  • After following the path , create new DWORD value if not exist. Type NoDriveTypeAutorun and set the value as given in the table below.

1 drives of unknown type
4 removable drives
8 fixed drives
10 network drives
20 CD-ROM drives
40 RAM disks
80 drives of unknown type
FF all kinds of drives
registry editor regedit windows10

  • Now Close Registry Editor and Restart your computer.

If you found any problem, then share it with us .

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