Microsoft's Send, Email App for iPhone Announced coming to Windows Phone and Android

Microsoft's Send
Recently Microsoft released a new email and messaging app- Send for iPhone. Microsoft also announced that the app will be available for windows phone and android soon.
Send App is designed for in and out email and also allows you to send quick text messages to your friends and co-workers.


Send lets you quickly and easily send any co-worker a message without a subject line or formal email constructs. Some examples of Send messages include:
  • Straight to the point: “Let’s chat in 10”
  • Super urgent: “Don’t send the presentation yet”
  • Simple back-and-forth conversations: “Are you in the Office today?” “No”

These are the sort of quick emails you send to the people you care about at work—your boss, your teammates, and sometimes partners or customers outside your organization. You’re usually busy or on the go when you send them, and Send is specifically designed for this get-in get-out scenario.


Send is in-and-out email. No subject lines, salutations, or signatures. Just quick, natural conversations. Oh, happiness.
You see only the messages started in Send—not your entire email inbox. But since Send is based on email, you can message anyone with an email address. No additional sign up steps. And the people you message can respond from anywhere, even if they don’t have the app.
Delirious, yet?
This also means the conversation doesn’t have to stop when you put down your phone. Outlook Send messages are delivered to your email inbox, too. Letting you respond from your computer, when it tickles your fancy. Just sign in with the work or school account you already use to access Office 365, and you’re ready, set, go.


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