Public Transport Simulator added new Buses in Windows Phone

Public Transport Simulator picks up update on Windows Phone . The new version of this game brings new buses and taxies , improved tilt steering response and many other features. Public Transport Simulator now bumped to version v1.6.569.1 .The game is awesome and provide you full experience of driving with different camera views.

Public Transport Simulator

Jump behind the steering wheel in this driving simulator. There are three different types of missions, depending on what type of vehicle you choose. Choose one of many buses to transport passengers around the city. Jump in as a taxi driver and give a lift to clients waving their hands around the city. Choosing a race car, opens up Checkpoint racing tracks in the city. For each customer serviced or race finished, you get experience points, which unlock additional vehicles and locations. For each vehicle there are unlockable upgrades and paint jobs. Upgrades and paint jobs are unlocked simply by earning experience with that vehicle.

Drive carefully! When you crash, passengers fall and you lose experience.

• Fully modeled 3D environments and vehicles.
• Interior and exterior view with free look.
• Realistic physics and ragdoll.
• Accident replays with screenshot possibility.
• Different control options.
• Bus driving.
• Taxi driving.
• Van driving.
• Bonus cars and races.
• Leader boards.

Update Log ( What's New):
-Added New Bus and Taxi
-Improved Tilt Steering response
-Added Server Side Save Games
-Optimized Vehicle Geometry

Install on Windows Phone :
Download Public Transport Simulator Protection Status

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