Surfy fixed YouTube Video Download Issue on Windows Phone

Surfy, the most intuitive, feature rich and fantastically simple web browser in the Windows Phone store. Surfy for Windows Phone fixed the YouTube video download issue in an update today.The new update fixed bug with option not being displayed during download. The version Surfy now jumped to v5.17.0.0. Surfy is a browser from Outcoders .

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surfy browser by outcoders for windowsphone


✔ Desktop like tabs 
✔ Mobile optimization, which can reduce data usage down to as little as 20% 
✔ Pass code protection. Protect your browsing from prying eyes by locking Surfy with a passcode 
✔ Shake to refresh 
✔ Voice Search (WP 8.1) 
✔ Save and Share downloaded files (WP 8.1) 
✔ Export downloaded files to SD Card 
✔ Export any file to Media Library 
✔ Download YouTube videos 
✔ Private browsing 
✔ Themable Panoramic hub with customizable background image 
✔ Share links via NFC 
✔ Save Passwords and Logins 
✔ Desktop mode 
✔ Download manager with foreground and background downloads 
✔ Multiple search providers: 
  • Google 
  • Bing 
  • DuckDuckGo 
  • Yahoo! 
  • Baidu 
✔ Searchable history 
✔ Clear cookies and cache with history. 
✔ Private browsing at start-up 
✔ Set desktop or reading mode for individual tabs 
✔ Share pages via Email SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & NFC 
✔ Voice commands launch favorites and well known pages 
✔ Night dimmer 
✔ Listen to pages with Surfy's amazing multilingual text to speech engine 
✔ Save images & open links via context menu 
✔ Find on Page 
✔ Customize tabs and application bar colors 
✔ Pin pages to the Launch Pad

Update Log :

  1. Fixed YouTube Video Download issue caused by YouTube Blocking Windows Phone
  2. Fixed Bug with options not being displayed during downloading.
  3. Improved app exit message behavior.
  4. Remove restrictions on downloads.

Download Surfy for Windows Phone:

Click Install to Download : Install

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