Nokia Lumia 730 Firmware Updated 15235.53005 with Windows 10 Mobile

Great news for Lumia 730 users that the smartphone has picked up new firmware update 02040.00021.15235.53005 with all new Windows 10 Mobile update. The operating system build 10.0.10586.53005 as the official build.

Microsoft has kept many Windows Phone owners waiting for too long, but the company has finally started releasing updates to a series of Lumia models. Windows 10 Mobile came pre-installed on Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550 and 650 and now, older Lumias are getting this update.

Nokia Lumia 730 Firmware Update 15235.53005 with Windows 10 Mobile
Microsoft stated 
Our goal is to only offer the Windows 10 upgrade to devices that we are confident can continue to deliver a good customer experience.” So, the approved phones to get Windows 10 are: Lumia 1520; 930; 640; 640XL; 730; 735l 830; 532; 535; 540; 635 1GB; 636 1GB; 638 1GB; 430; 435; BLU Win HD w510u; BLU Win HD LTE x150q and the MCJ Madosma Q501.

But other users can update their devices to Windows 10 Mobile with the help of new tool provided by Microsoft " Upgrade Advisor" . A tool very similar to Windows Insider app.

How to Enable Windows 10 Update for your Lumia:
  1. On Start Start icon, swipe over to the All apps list, and then select Store.
  2. Download Upgrade Advisor App from Store.
  3. Check eligibility of your device with the help of tool .
  4. Click Enable Windows 10 for your Device.
  5. Now Go to Settings> Phone Update>>Check Update Status
  6. Make sure your device have enough charging and memory to install the update.
Nokia Lumia 730 Firmware Update 15235.53005 with Windows 10 Mobile

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